Writing: ‘Beneath’

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on July 27, 2019

First ideas are easy and simple. They are flowers blooming above ground. Pretty, comforting, familiar, natural. Yet, first ideas are flowers plucked too soon, liable to wither.

I want to be beneath the flowers, into the soil. To follow the roots and see what lies in the depths of the dark. I want to see the secret things, untouched by starlight and covered in gristle and bone.

I don’t want the blooms, I want what lies beneath. Past the old skeletons, withering decay and unforgotten seeds. I move into the beneath.

It is beyond the edge of the cliff, beyond comfortable endings. To places unfinished and raw. To the truths I want to howl and deny.

Yet, there is much clarity in this beneath. The truths I’ve struggled with, the truths I’ve faced and the truth that part of my whole being belongs to you.

Magic in this world is not easy, love is not easy and neither is living. But it is the uneasy that needs to be explored. These things live in the deep, beyond the edge and in the deepest parts of the beneath. Fruits disguised as roots, gnarled, unpalatable, yet unyielding in the dark.

And it is in the dark that I find myself most comforted, with feelings and thoughts laid bare, unseelie but true.


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